Birds and Family Visits.


Morning! It is Saturday around 6:39 a.m. The house is silent. Everyone is still asleep. In this silence, I can hear a bird chirping ever so faintly. It makes me feel peaceful. It reminds me of home and growing up.

We lived far out in the country on a few acres of land. There were five houses near me and three of those were relatives. After you turned off the blacktop onto a gravel road and drove down a hill that consisted of two terraces, there sat my home. I remember topping that hill many, many times.

But more than the drive down that road, I remember laying in my bed and listening to the leaves rustle in the wind, crickets chirping, birds singing and a great old hoot owl that always let me know it was dark out. Birds; they remind me of home but more importantly, they remind me of Dad.

My Dad loves birds. We always had several gords up for bird homes. Listening and watching birds seemed to bring him great pleasure. Listening to the bird this morning helps me to understand why he loves it so much. Lifes’ simple, natural pleasures: how we take them for granted and often miss out on the fact that they even exist.

The hustle and bustle of life’s every day…*thought interrupted*…DAD! Oh No, Dad is coming from out of town and will be here TONIGHT along with my brother, his girlfriend and three children. My house is a wreck, I’ve been painting for days! NO food, where are they going to sleep, what time are they going to arrive, should I make a big ole bowl of soup? Clean towels? Clean sheets? SO MUCH TO DO!!

Uhoh! That is what our mind wants to do and our nice serene moment is gone, vanished, and that moment in time never returns.

This morning I am blessed to hear the bird chirping in a distance through the silence of my dedicated morning time. I am blessed to have fond memories of home. While growing up I really didn’t like being so far out in the country. Now, I am so thankful that I did and had the experience of nature revealing its’ beauty. I am blessed that part of my family is coming to visit and I will focus on that blessing and not my messy house because this time, too, shall pass in the blink of an eye and will be gone forever. In the end, does it really matter how clean my house was or that family enjoyed each other; lived, loved and laughed? I am blessed.


If there is one thing everyone in my family has in common, it would be the love of music. Lately, I haven’t had time to keep up with what is happening on the music scene and OH MY at the number of artist these days! I can’t keep up!

My son was playing some of his favorite tunes for me yesterday which included a song called “REAL”. Country singer James Wesley performs this song. As I listened to the lyrics, it became my inspiration for today’s blessings. It might even make it as the inspiration for a few days to come! The song says so much and it goes like this;

500 Channels and there ain’t much on tonight
But reality shows about some folks so called lives
A pretty girl cries cause she don’t get a rose
But she’ll find love next year on her own show
And they call that real

Real, is the hand you hold 57 years
Real, is a band of gold trembling with fear
And it’s the first long tear down an old man’s face
Watching his angel slipping away
His heart so broke, it’s never gonna heal
I call that real

Where I live, housewives don’t act like that
And the survivors are farmers in John Deere hats
Our Amazing race is beating the check
Praying that the bank ain’t ran it through yet

Real, like too much rain falling from the sky
Real, like the drought that came around here last July
It’s the damn old weevils and the market and the weeds
The prayer they prayed when they plant the seeds
And the chance they take to bring us our next meal
I call that real

Real, like a job you lose ‘cause it moves to Mexico
Like a momma and a baby with no safe place to go
Like a little dream house with a big old foreclosed sign
Like a flag draped coffin and a 21 gun goodbye
I call that real

Man I call that real
Oh I call that real

Oh my! The first verse really hits on a topic that is a hot point for me; media of all formats. Media can feed us such lies and so many people fall into a lull type of thinking where they believe what they see is reality or should be. I have seen media cause such dissatisfaction in people’s lives because they decide what they view is reality and their life must really be lacking.

A former pastor of mine once made a comment that one of the largest problem starters he saw in marriages was the Hallmark channel! How sad is it that? I really wont get on my soap box about this topic and will save that for another blog.

I can say, I am blessed! I am blessed to have been introduced to the lies of media before the age of twenty. I am so blessed not to have bought into what media creates in the minds of masses of people. I am so blessed that T.V. and movies have never been something that was very attractive to me. In some ways, I suppose I never cared much for anything that wasn’t relative to my life some how. I am blessed that I understand “real” and I certainly need to work harder at appreciating that which I hold that is very very REAL!

A New Regimen

This morning is the first morning of the rest of my life! HA! Tomorrow will be too. It is a funny little saying isn’t it? But the statement is, forever, true. Each day is truly the first day of the rest of my life.

On this first day of the rest of my life, I have resolved to starting a “new regimen”. This new regimen fits right in with the others; needed life changes. I’m not 100% sure that I am looking forward to it and I would surely be lieing if I said otherwise! There is absolutely nothing “fun” about working up a sticky sweat or moving my body in ways that are unnatural in order to create soreness in areas I forgot were even composed of muscle! You guessed it…daily exercise routine! I use to really enjoy working out but those years have long gone by.  In ways, my mind says, “Eh, forget about it, your 42, enjoy not having the…I’m 20 and fretting over everything that enters my mouth mentality”. Right now, the silky smooth, rich, sweet taste of cheesecake seems much more appealling!

This brings me to my morning blessing to help me keep things in order.  I have had some health problems in my “years”.  Those problems have brought money concerns, fear, anxiety and a whorlwind of emotions that filled me to the point of overflowing with sadness and tears.  I hope to live many many more years to come but I hope to live them healthy and without such concerns.  One way to make that happen is through daily exercise. I am TRULY blessed that I have the opportunity to get up and get moving! I am blessed that I am able to implement a daily exercise regimen. I am blessed that each day is an opportunity to make my body as healthy as it can be! I am blessed to be sticky sweaty and sore in places I forgot I owned because it means I am here and able! I am truly blessed.

This afternoon, I am very blessed to have children whom believe I can do ANYTHING! They believe this so thoroughly they often tell others about the things I am able to do and volunteer my services to them! That is STRONG belief in mom. LOL I am blessed that my children believe in me, even though it is to the point of keeping me very busy… 😉

Backyard Blessing

I am blessed beyond measure!  It is a nippy morning for my southern bones.  Bundled up in a blanket of warmth, I somberly gaze through the window.  Across the wooden back porch, shining with fresh morning dew, my eyes absorb all of the natural features of my back yard. 

It isn’t the fanciest back yard I have ever seen.  You will not find a tranquil pond gleaming with brilliant orange fish or lush green landscaped plants.  The grass is browning.  It seems to always be the case either from the glaring summer heat or the cold mornings.  There isn’t much inbetween here.  A few trees stand off to the left.  The fencing has gaps.  This is because it isn’t our fence!  It is fencing placed by some neighbors and not others (including us).  So, it appears to be a half finished fence.   

My daughter has a “sky fort” sitting back in the left corner too!  It is made of redwood with a climbing rock, wavy slide, squeeky swings and a few other items that kids love to spend time playing on.  It is probably the nicest item in our backyard! 

No matter, be it the finest backyard or a barren one it is mine!  I am blessed to have my own backyard where I can walk, sit and read, watch an ant crawl, run with my children and grandchild, toss a ball, watch the kids play in sprinklers, grow a garden…yes, I am blessed, to have my own backyard!

I am blessed to be “shifting gears”!  Today is the first day to implement more of my chosen life changes.  Life, at age 42, had become too hectic.  There simply was not enough of me to go around or to do all of the things that needed to be done.  My emotions were constantly running high and I felt I had given so much to everyone else; other’s children and not enough to my own.  I felt captive to my job! 

How could I possibly feel guilty for taking care of my own children when they needed me because my JOB told me I could not miss work?  When did my life become more about serving others rather than my own family?  I realized the most important things in my life had taken a back seat and certainly did not have the appearance of being the “most important”.  I also realized that my true fire, true happiness had been blown down to a mere spark and that spark was on the verge of going out! 

Yes, I am blessed; blessed to have mind enough to realize that not only did I need some vast changes in my life but I WANTED those changes.  So many people think they are happy or believe they should be happy because they have met a certain standard set by society.  Many of those do not even realize what true happiness is and some feel that something is wrong with them because they have achieved so much but still are not happy.  How many bury those true feelings and put on a happy face in front of others just to go home, lay in bed and stare at the ceiling simply feeling an unease and unhappy?  How much more happiness would we all feel if we stopped to look at and appreciate what we do have and what we have been blessed with? 

Looking at my life has made me really ponder these questions.  So, yes, I am blessed to recognize my life needed a change and that change included counting my blessings every day!